Press release

We at Ayla Oasis Development are honored to host the 2nd Ayla International Art Symposium, as we consistently seek out opportunities to create new platforms that cater to the interests of Ayla’s visitors of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities. This event demonstrates our commitment to support arts and culture, which we believe play a crucial role in invigorating domestic and foreign tourism and in positioning Jordan as an incubator of the arts.


This unique event will bring together a selection of Jordanian and international artists with extensive and diverse experiences. A 10-day art workshop will take place as part of the symposium, and we have developed a rich touristic program that includes trips to Petra and Wadi Rum. We are also excited at the prospect of integrating a number of aspiring children from Aqaba in the symposium with the objective of broadening their exposure and offering them the chance to experience the art of other cultures, which we hope will help propel them into becoming the celebrated artists of tomorrow.